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CUBIC-FIT: A high performance and TCP cubic friendly congestion control algorithm

Jingyuan Wang, Jiangtao Wen, Yuxing Han, Jun Zhang, Chao Li and Zhang Xiong

IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 17, no. 8, pp. 1664–1667, 2013. Download

With the recent popularity of Linux-based HTTP servers, TCP CUBIC, the default Linux congestion control algorithm, is close to the new de facto standard algorithm for the Internet congestion control. A need for new congestion control technologies for the TCP CUBIC-dominated Internet is therefore emerging. To cater to this trend, this paper proposes a novel TCP congestion control algorithm, CUBIC-FIT. Compared with TCP CUBIC and other state-of-the-art TCP algorithms, CUBIC-FIT can improve performance over a large range of network conditions and maintain graceful fairness with the widely deployed TCP CUBIC servers. Analytical and experimental studies over emulators and real networks validate the proposed algorithm and its performance.

Bandwidth occupation between competing TCP flows (PLR = 1%)
Bandwidth occupation between competing TCP flows (PLR = 1%)

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