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Big Data Intelligence Group on SmartCity (BIGSCity)

The Big Data Intelligence Group on SmartCity research group in Beihang University. BIGSCity aims to study data-driven science and technologies of making cities more smart and intelligence. The research interests of BIGSCity include urban computing, spatio-temporal data mining, interpretable machine learning, and data visualization. BIGSCity has published more than 30 paper in prestigious conferences and journals in data mining, artificial intelligence and network communications. The technologies developed by BIGSCity have been applied in many real-world applications such as urban planning, intelligent transportation and health services. Tens of millions of populations living in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Wuxi, and Chengdu were benefited from these technologies.

Webpage:  Access for more information about global and China COVID-19 pandemic prediction.

Data Download:  The data of global  COVID-19 pandemic prediction can download from Github:

The influences of temperature and humidity on COVID-19 transmission risks.

Read this paper for more information about this work:

J. Wang, K. Tang, K. Feng, and W. Lv, “High temperature and high humidity reduce the transmission of COVID-19”Available at SSRN 3551767, 2020, SSRN